Principal's Message (Nursing)

The term "Knowing" Refers to ways of perceiving and understanding the self and the world."Knowledge" Refers to knowing that is in a form that can be shared or communicated with others. It is an awareness of reality acquired through learning or investigations.
The concept of health care, has been a principle concepts of human race from the time immemorial till date, and will run through years of infinity. It was Ms.Florence nightingale with her immense will power who reformed health service is said to be the founder of modern nursing.
Patient care is the main focus of this modern world and nurses play a vital role in health care system. Therefore competent nurses are in demand all over the world. Nursing is a service oriented profession it is growing with current trends and technology.
Nursing is a recession proof carrier, keeps brain stimulated there is always something new to learn. Its great investment in the future of nursing as we have read in recent years in news headlines across the world, the number of nurses entering the field has not been keeping pace with the demand from health care industry.
DNC group of institutions is having an excellent atmosphere with accommodation facilities in the same premises for the enhancement of student's professional profile with sufficient scope for personality development, as well as 100% achievement in academics results.
We ensure friendly but disciplined learning meaningful student-teacher relationship to enhance the interest in learning. we welcome all the interested and aspiring students to attain the standards in various discipline to steer the country in future.
Time may change but values don't. The value based education provided. At this society has brought together students, staff and scholars from various aspects of life through different activities of colleges.
I am certain that this magazine will be a medium for creative expression for all staff and students of the Sou.Devibai Naryandas Chhabada Rural Education Society. My Best Wishes to all contributors and readers.


Mr. Ashley Varghese

(Narayandas Bhawandas Chhabada Training College of Nursing)



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