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Principal's Message (High School & Jr. College (Mahabaleshwar)

"If I have seen farther, It is by standing on the shoulders of giants", Said Physicist Mr.Issac Newton. As the part of the Sou.Devibai Narayandas Chhabada Rural Education Society we look farther by standing on the firm foundation laid by our dear and respected founder, Late Mr. Narayandas Chhabada. This society is a temple he built through hard work and dedicated sacrifice, this society was formed by him to provide quality education in the various institution of this society. The society offers a wide variety of activities for all – round development of students. I am sure there are the expression of the feelings and experience of those who represent the most vital aspects of our life, the student community.
Time may change but values don't. The value based education provided at this society has brought together students. Staff and scholars from various aspects of life through different activities of the schools.



Narayandas Bhawandas Chhabada High School & Jr. College (Mahabaleshwar).



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